Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

Frozen in time (the waiting I)

© Eike-Christian Heine

at the end of january winter is finally coming. and with the first frost comes the first snow. i take a walk out of town. on the fields the wind drives chilly air through the fabric of my jeans. the only sound comes from the snow under my sneakers, my breath and a passing train every now and then.

i stop and wait. the wind has stopped. its quiet. nothing is moving. it seems i am the only thing waiting, i am the only thing living. everything else seems frozen in time.

then i feel the biting cold through my gloves and my shoes. i hurry back home. it is getting darker and even colder. i am pacing towards a heated room and a hot tea. 

© Eike-Christian Heine

© Eike-Christian Heine

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